The Harsh Buzz

I never understood why anyone would subject themselves to the harsh buzz or awkward small talk of a social event, but throughout my youth I could always find solace in the confines of my room, enjoying my hobbies to my heart’s content. That was until people began taking issue with my desire to be alone. I vividly remember my 99papers review looks of annoyance when I casually mentioned I skipped homecoming to start a lengthy history project. Of course, I told the truth because researching simply appealed to me more than shallow socialization, and I felt I had a valid excuse. However, this inclination would earn me hurtful labels like “recluse”, “antisocial”, and “overly shy”, so I began to feel inferior and ashamed of who I was. In the midst of my insecurity, the premise of Susan Cain’s Quiet spoke to me, and I hoped her message would restore confidence in my personality.

Overall, 99 papers review succeeded in restoring my confidence by proving the capabilities of introverts, often defying common belief. For example, she emphasizes how introverts can perform just as well as their extroverted counterparts in leadership and productivity, contrary to the mentality of well-meaning employers and teachers who often discourage solitude. On another note, she also mentions how introverts can build strong social relationships like extroverts, but just on a smaller scale. In fact, Cain cites studies proving introverts are often better at maintaining fulfilling relationships than extroverts, even if introverts mingle with fewer people. Ultimately, Cain’s work helped restore my security, quelling my fears that I would not be able to succeed in or out of the workplace.

However, I resolved to make changes to myself, as my introversion still felt extreme. Unfortunately for me, remaining socially inept is simply unreasonable, especially in a professional environment. Regardless of how intelligent I am, Cain states corporate leaders operate under the assumption that extroverts have better ideas, meaning my introversion would impede my ability to be taken seriously. In preparation for this reality, Cain notes that teens should practice basic social skills as early as possible because they become more difficult to develop as an adult. So, I’ve resolved to proactively meet new people on a monthly basis and work towards becoming more sociable, even if I feel uncomfortable at first. With regards to her writing, I noticed Cain uses a calculated combination of anecdotes and scientific studies to convey points about introversion.

To introduce a topic, Cain presents a story that introverts can relate to, such as Esther, a lawyer, and her anxiety during extemporaneous presentations. Then, Cain shifts gears by describing studies that provide insight into the initial problem. In the case of public speaking, Cain cites data from Hans Eysenck’s decibel study to prove that introverts focus best at low amounts of stimulation, meaning they can reduce stage fright by avoiding as much stimulation as possible (124). Finally, she revisits the initial anecdote and applies the scientific findings to solve the problem. For Esther, being notified of a presentation last minute correlated with over-stimulation, so she cured her anxiety by insisting to learn of presentations early, giving her time to comfortably prepare. Overall, I found Cain’s method quite effective, as she does not rely too heavily on logos or pathos; instead, she synergizes them, using scientific observation to validate the 99papers review reddit.

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